What we offer you our customers

 DE JONGE RIEMPIES (PTY) LTD specialize in the
replacement of leather straps on ‘riempie’ furniture. 

We cater for businesses that require bulk purchases with our special pricing structures. Our pricing on bulk purchases are highly competitive in the South African market.

A leather feed and clean has been added to our product line.

Our DIY kits are very popular for the hands on husbands. The product consists of a header board with instructions in English and Afrikaans and includes nails and a golf peg. There are 8 meters of riempies in the package which is sufficient to ream one standard dining room chair.

Catering for our niche market with dyed riempies. Interior decorators can choose from a wide variety of colors. 

We extended our services further to include strapping which are available in  various colors that is durable and fashionable. This is not a leather product. Customers can mix and match colors to suit their dècor. 

  • Due to popular demand and many requests we are now a supplier of PVC Chair Riempies which is also referred to as plastic riempies.  These plastic riempies are available in white.

De Jonge Riempies are happy to announce that we now supply belt leather strips to suppliers and custom made belts for our customers. We also added leather weaved bracelets to our products line.

  • Leather feed and Clean
  • DIY kits – white untreated leather
  • Dyed riempies
  • Non leather strapping -variety of colors available
  • Bulk supply of belt leather strips & riempies
  • Custom made leather belts 
  • Leather weaved bracelets
  • PVC riempies – also known as plastic riempies
  • We replace riempies on furniture with treated or untreated leather riempies or plastic riempies, depending on our customer’s preference

What you our customer can expect regarding our products:

We supply genuine LEATHER riempies.
All furniture gets cleaned, reamed and oiled. 

We use genuine leather of which there are 2 types:

  1. White treated leather
  2. Raw hide

Service to our customer

We collect and deliver furniture should our customer not have the means to deliver to us.  Contact us for a free quotation.

Service and quality is our priority.